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Dispute can arise in all sorts of circumstances involving local authorities, government departments, companies or individuals.

These could include, for example, contract or building disputes, neighbour problems, the payment or collection of debts including mortgage repossession. Whether a resolution can be achieved by sensible negotiation or by a Court, it is essential to take proper legal advice to ensure that you are fully aware of the implications as soon as possible. Of course, you could be on the receiving end of a claim and again legal advice should be obtained.

At Dixon Rigby Keogh we have qualified and expert lawyers able to give you clear and unambiguous advice. We can discuss with you your prospects of success, the liability for costs which could include you meeting the costs of your opponent. Even more reason to take proper advice.

All Civil work undertaken by this firm is supervised by Sian Pursglove

Stage 1: Pre-action

To prepare and send a letter before action for an undisputed invoice – £100.00 plus VAT.

Our standard letter before action requires the debtor to pay within 30 days. If the debt is disputed we will discuss the matter and cost implications with you further.

Please note, there may be third party disbursements payable in addition to the above such as HM Land Registry searches. We will advise you of these if they are applicable to your circumstances.

Each subsequent letter before action is charged at £20.00 plus VAT.

Stage 2: Issuing legal proceedings

If there is no response to the letter before action the next step is to issue a claim with the Court. Our costs for preparing the Claim Form would be £175.00 plus VAT. There will also be a fee to pay to the Court, the amount payable depends on the value of the debt (including interest and late payment fees). We will advise you of the amount required or you can find information on the Court website by searching Civil and Family Court fees.

Once the Claim is served on the Debtor they have 14 days to respond. If they file a Defence we will need to discuss the cost position with you further.

Stage 3: Requesting Judgement

If the Claim is not Defended or the Defendant fails to file an Acknowledgement of Service, we can apply for Default Judgement. The cost of doing so would be £50.00 plus VAT.

We can also apply for certain fixed costs to be paid by the Debtor which we will discuss with you. We can usually apply for Judgement within 48 hours of receiving your instructions to do so.

Anyone wishing to proceed with a claim should note...

The above fees do not include any costs associated with enforcing the Judgement should the Debtor fail to pay. We can discuss this with you in more detail if it becomes necessary.

The above fees do not apply to contested debts.

VAT cannot be reclaimed from the Debtor if you are VAT registered.

We will require payment of our fees on account.

There may be other disbursements payable to third parties such as process server fees, payment of which would be required on account.

If a claim is uncontested the timeframe from our instruction to obtaining Judgement is typically 10 to 12 weeks. This is on the assumption that there are no delays in instructing us to proceed with each stage. This timeframe can however change significantly especially if the Debtor enters into communication or negotiations. Please note, the above estimates do not cover the costs of negotiating and corresponding with the Debtor.

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I received nothing short of a five star service from DRK for a wills and probate matter. The advice, service and communication were excellent from the start of the process to the very end. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for this service. A special thanks to Carole Buckley for all her hard work and patience and also to Simon Masters for his advice, expertise and efforts to speed up the process.”


“Good to deal with a company that ticks all the boxes for us and treats us as a valued customer. Any issues that arise in the future we wont hesitate to contact you for your valued services.”


“I was given a clear outline of what needed to be done as I did not have a clue how to deal with such a sudden unpleasant event in our lives. Great communication and a five star service”


“I am extremely happy with the advice, guidance and service provided. Fee earner was highly professional as well as approachable and easy to talk to. All support staff were fantastic, particularly the Secretaries. I have already recommended you.”